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26" Fan Description :
- Dimension: 650 mm (26")
- Voltage: 110V,220 ,380V
- Fan oscillation adjustable: 90 degrees automatically
- Fan tilt adjustable: 30 degrees
- Available area: 80 square meters
- Temperatures drop: 5 - 10%
- Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 um
- Jet distance: 8-10 m
- Available in 2 shapes of tank: square and oval

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Jumbo mist fan for Events :

Jumbo mist fan is specifically used for events.


- Area :2500 square feet.
- Voltage:220V,500 W Motor
- Rotates-90 degree
- Height-185cms.
- Water Consumption per hour:35 litres.
- Tank capacity:50 litres.
- Ground Mounted with strong M.S powder coated cabinate
- For rough handling and transport
- Suitable for Cow Shed and Horse Stable

Fan Mist kit :


- Power : 60W
- Voltage : 220V
- Effective area : 30-50m2
- Motor Speed : 2900rpm.
- It is a simple unit which can convert any fan into mist fan.
- Simple Installation
- Quick Effect

Characteristics :
Thin atomized water drips, long range of spraying, no water dropping.
No special demand of the quality of the water and water pressure.
Single used, fine enginery, more agile, wide range of using.
Easy to install, convenient to move.
90 degrees oscillation, three speed control, blowing without atomization.
Waterproof electric design, safe use
Adjustable misting volume, low noise
Compared with the foreign product, we adopt the high quality material rustproof
   rustproof steel, overcome the problem of dirty forming and cleaning.
Compared with the atomized system with nozzle and plenum pump, our fog    cooler fan can't be blocked and without high pressure
No need to maintenance, saving power and water, with lower cost, compared    with the system with central air-condition and jet house.
Overcome the disadvantage of large air resistance and slow reduction of    temperature compared with the system of wet shade.
Restaurants & Cafee(Out door) | Home indoor and outdoor Area| Industrial Humidifications |  Dust Supression | Deodorization a sawase & water | Green house |Mushroom farm | Solar Plant.