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Our misting system comprises of the following :
1) High-pressure machine (imported) having 1000-1300 psi pressure,
    1lit/min- 12lit/min water flow, 1-1.5 h.p. motor, single-phase motor.
2) Misting line : Is of polished stainless steel/high pressure nylon pipe of any length    depending upon the requirements of misting in that area.
3) Fan rings : to be fitted on the jaali of the fan.
4) Nozzles : Imported, high-pressure, ceramic or ruby orificed, anti-drip.
5) Fittings : Compression and push-fit, stainless steel and brass fittings
6) Control panel : For high safety and accuracy, has a timer, prevents the system         from auto-run, dry-run protection.

7) Filters : Industrial filters+online filters

Note: Depending on the area and ventilation, air-flow we recommend the  number of nozzles, pipeline and the number of misting pumps for that area.

Restaurants & Cafee(Out door) | Home indoor and outdoor Area| Industrial Humidifications |  Dust Supression | Deodorization a sawase & water | Green house |Mushroom farm | Solar Plant.